WeTakeCare: Collaborative interaction in caring & training to improve the autonomy in Activities of Daily Living


Welcome to WeTakeCare project

This project has been funded by the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme: Call AAL-2012-5, ICT-based Solutions for Supporting Occupation in Life of Older Adults. (see http://www.aal-europe.eu/ for details)

WeTakeCare project aims to empower the collaborative caring and training between the older person and the non-professional carer, in order to promote the independent living of the older person. Hence, the autonomous performance of Activities of the Daily Living (ADL) by the older person will be encouraged while training and supporting the caregiver in the provision of care, improving the quality of the provided care as well as safeguarding their own physical, physiological and occupational health.

The aimed target users are the persons, aged 50+, presenting an initial lost of capabilities and/or having a light to moderate physical disability. This lost of capabilities increases the difficulty to perform ADL, leading frequently to its poor execution and therefore finally taken up by carer. This uptake of ADL leads to an over-care situation, which can ultimately diminish autonomy of the older person.

WeTakeCare will develop an interactive and multimodal system for the training on ADL. 

WeTakeCare will integrate the end-users in the core of the process, introducing their voice in the stages of definition of requirements, the concept and product development as well as in the different validations. 

This will ensure a functional, easy to use, intuitive, motivating and accessible service, guaranteeing product acceptance and future market penetration.


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